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Notes: Figs, Papaya Jam & Fruity Sweet Aroma
Varietal: Bourbon Tekisic

Process: Washed
Drying Process: Sun-Dried (Open or Patio)
Roast: Light Roast

Region: Huila (Pitalito)

Farmer: Rodrigo Sanchez
Farm: Monteblanco Estate
Altitude: 1,730 masl

Weight: 250g

Our Thoughts:
Top Quality. The notes are from this coffee are so unique and rich that this coffee is definitely one to try if you are a lover of complex coffee beans. Bright citrus notes, with a medium-creamy body, this coffee is great for a pour over. Sit back and enjoy!   


The Monteblanco estate is led by Rodrigo Sanchez, a true Huilense with undying love and passion for coffee. As a fourth-generation producer in his family of dedicated coffee growers, Rodrigo uses the same land his ancestors have tended for over a century to expand the already impressive reputation of the estate by focusing on even higher standards of coffee production and specialty beans.

After being selected as part of the acclaimed quality assurance selection of Palestina Huila in 2002, Rodrigo decided to take production to another level by experimenting with unusual varietals to see what he could discover. With the help of his wife Claudia Milena they planted Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Purple Caturra, Bournon Teikisic, and Red Caturras. Since then he has been constantly investing in new equipment and varietals to explore different flavours and continuously improve his yields.

Weight: 250g


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