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Notes: Apricot, Molasses & Syrup

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Honey

Drying Process: Dried in raised beds for 30 days

Roast: Medium Roast

Region: Nariño

Farmer: Small group of farmers

Altitude: 2,100 masl

Weight: 250g


With time, we really think this could become one of our bestsellers and potentially rival our Kurumukis as our coffee as our most popular bean. It has that satisfying well-roundedness that so many people love from Colombian coffees while offering an intense complexity that is rare, even in the highest tier of specialty coffee. 



This very special honey lot hails from the town of Aponte, in the optimal coffee growing region of Nariño — characterised by its extremely high altitudes (often over 2,100 masl) and a stunning landscape of hills and peaks that are covered in a tapestry of many small coffee farms growing predominantly the Caturra varietal.

The Aponte coffee benefits from the perfect marriage of altitude, climate, and the persistent hard work of various smallholder farmers living nearby the town. As is common in Colombia, most contributing growers of this coffee operate very small-scale farms that produce lots that are too small to sell under their own farm name, hence the need to band together with neighbours through close cooperation.

As this region is home to a significant population of Inga people — an indigenous community that was once a part of the Inca Empire before the Spaniards colonised the area — many of the growers contributing to this coffee are from this group.

The town of Aponte itself has experienced a substantial amount of damage since 2016 due to its position along a major seismic fault. As such, the townspeople here have been hard at work gradually reconstructing the town in recent years.


Honey processed coffees are complicated to produce and quite unusual in Colombia where coffee is usually pulped, fermented and washed after it’s picked. In this case however, coffee is pulped and then dried before being washed. This approach leaves coffee more susceptible to defects if not dried in perfect conditions. 

Luckily, weather in the Aponte area is perfect for this type of drying as the heavy and cold winds that cross the canyon permit a slow and even drying process. 

Coffee is finally dried in raised beds in a covered greenhouse and is raked regularly. To reach optimal humidity, the process usually takes around 30 drying days and this slow, consistent process leads to an incredibly intense and complex cup.

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