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Notes: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Syrup
Varietal: Colombia
Process: Natural
Drying Process: Sun-Dried (Open or Patio) 
Roast: Medium-Light Roast
Region: Antioquia, Colombia
Farmer: Echavarria family
Weight: 250g
The Santa Bárbara Estate is composed of 5 sister farms that lie across three neighbouring, geographical regions - Santa Bárbara, Fredonia, and Amagá.
Attracted by diverse microclimates, singular volcanic soils, perfect altitude, and a tradition of excellence in coffee production,  Sr. Pedro Echavarria established a small farm in the high Andes of Antioquia in the 1980s.
In the last five years, Pedro’s son – also Pedro – has become more deeply involved in the workings of the Estate’s farms, taking the already high-quality of the coffee to new heights through experimentation in processing and increased monitoring and control of every stage of production. 
This coffee is grown on the Agualinda estate,  (one of Santa Barbara Estates 5 sister farms), which received its name due to the many water sources and creeks found on the property. The family always keeps a donkey named ‘Pascual’ on the premises as a sort of ‘mascot’ for the farm.
The natural processing of these beans means that they are dried as whole cherries (with the pulp) for a certain period of time giving the beans the richness and depth of notes.

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